Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tagong Yaman ni Ampatuan?

my mga taong nagsasabing ang lahat na yaman daw ni Ampatuan ay hindi sa kanya,,,
may mga taong naninirahan sa kanilang lugar na kapag nabalitaan nya na mas nakakalamang ung ibang tao sa kanya ay kinukauha nya sa pamamagitan ng pagpili ng dalwang bagay isa PERA at Baril sa harap ng misa ng Gov.

kung pwede sana halungkatin lahat na dokumento at yung nagiging abogado ng mga ampatuan....

At saka sana bubusisiin sana ang katutuhanan ung Shabu lab sa loob ng bahay ng mga ampatuan...

yong mga Kidnapping,Hostage yong mga ransom na binibigay ay posibling kabilang yan sa mga yaman ng mga ampatuan.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Women rights groups decry Maguindanao massacre

Women from various walks of life expressed their outrage over the gruesome death that befell their fellow women in what is now called by authorities as the Maguindanao Massacre.

And the death of at least 21 women who were among the more than 50 victims is yet another mark in the international struggle to end the violence against women.

Wednesday was the commemoration of the International Day to Eliminate Violence against Women, an annual tribute to the Mirabal sisters who were brutally killed by Dominican Republic dictator General Trujillo on November 25, 1960.

Mags Maglana, a Mindanao development worker, said the incident showed that the women victims were “victims twice over.”

“They suffered a brutal death. And one couldn't help but think that they were proxies in a political war led by powerful men and their clans. And yet they were courageous. They might not have had an inkling of the hell they were walking into but they must have known about the risks ... and yet they went in,” Maglana said.

Maglana said that the women killed in the massacre were no doubt victims but “they tried to do what they could to bring about change that they believed in.”

“And for that they should be honored. And we should make sure that they are done justice and that no more women will have to be sacrificed in the altars of warlordism and feudal governance,” she said.

Women rights advocates on Wednesday went to the streets of Davao to condemn the violent death of women in the massacre.

Nisa Opalla, Gabriela Women’s Party-Southern Mindanao spokesperson said: “that in times of political turmoil, dictatorship, and fascism, women are not spared of state violence, this is how desperate political elites rule.”

"The barbaric incident in Maguindanao is also an indication of the grave human rights landscape in the Philippines under the Arroyo government, where the old guns, goons and gold still rule," she added.

Nancy, a store attendant in downtown Davao, said she was both scared and angered when she heard the news that some of the victims of the carnage, which is linked to the Ampatuan family, were even sexually abused before they were killed.

The women victims included the wife of Buluan town vice mayor and gubernatorial aspirant Esmael Mangudadatu, his sisters Eden, the mayor of the Mangudadatu town, and Farina.

Also killed were lawyers Concepcion “Connie” Brizuela and Cynthia Oquendo.

Catherine Uba-Bermudez, a former Mindanao journalist who is now based in the United States, said it unnerved her to know that “these men are animals.”

“Kill, if you must, if this was commissioned by the quasi-god (in the form of Ampatuan) but rape? This is lowlier and downright barbaric than any form of jihad, fundamentalism, or ideology,” said Bermudez in her message sent to the INQUIRER.

“It just speaks how these people are animals ... I am disgusted by how invaluable these people look at humans, as if hearing them say "sige, katayin mo sila" (go ahead and slaughter them) to my face, like referring to bugs or rodents, needing extermination. Obviously, they don’t value lives. They make me throw up,” Bermudez added.

Gabriela Rep. Liza Maza said that the incident showed that women are the most “vulnerable in the mad scramble for power during elections.”

The Mindanao Commission on Women and Mothers for Peace also expressed its outrage over what it called “new low in bestiality perpetrated by men on civilians but most especially on women.”

“This latest incident by men, who are believed to belong to a private army, makes us shudder at what will happen in the days ahead if these criminals and their principals are not brought to justice,” the group said.

Eden Mangudadatu, they said, even actively participated in the many activities of the Mindanao Commission on Women. It is, they said, ironic that early this year Eden participated in discussions of our project, “Women Healing Communities: Preventing and Reducing Rido (clan feuds)."

“During the session, she shared her thoughts about rido and how women played an important role in settling cases of clan violence,” they said.

“The barbaric and brutal massacre in Maguindanao shows the total breakdown of security in parts of Mindanao where many women and their families live in dehumanizing poverty and violent conflict,” the group said.

“We call on President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo—as President and as a woman—to do the right thing: disband and disarm the private armies, bring down the full force of the law on the perpetrators, and rid Maguindanao and other parts of Mindanao of the scourge of warlordism,” the group added.

Friday, November 27, 2009

massacre killing

Thursday, November 26, 2009

MANILA, Philippines - Forty-three persons – including a politician about to file her and her brother’s certificates of candidacy (COCs), as well as journalists covering the event – were confirmed killed when heavily armed men waylaid the group on its way to the local Commission on Elections (Comelec) office in Maguindanao.

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Public Information Office chief Lt. Col. Romero Brawner confirmed that as of yesterday afternoon, ground troops had recovered 21 bodies – 13 women and eight men – from the massacre site in Barangay Saniag, Ampatuan town.

Supporters of Buluan Vice Mayor Toto Mangudadatu and Mangudadatu Vice Mayor Eden Mangudadatu and their

companions were on their way to the Comelec office to file COCs at around 10:30 a.m. when they were blocked at a checkpoint manned by some 100 Maguindanao police personnel and armed civilian volunteers allegedly led by Datu Unsay town mayor Datu Andal Ampatuan Jr.

Ampatuan was not available for comment.

Reports from the Army’s 6th Infantry Division reported that a certain Police Senior Inspector Dicay of Shariff Aguak accompanied Ampatuan. Three vehicles owned by the Mangudadatu’s were found burned.

Toto Mangudadatu, who was not with the convoy, is reportedly eyeing the gubernatorial seat in the May 2010 elections and had asked his wife to file his COC.

Aside from Bai Eden, the other victims were identified as Genalyn Tiamzon-Mangudadatu, the vice mayor’s wife who was raped before being killed; lawyers Connie Brizuela and Cynthia Oquendo and her father, Bai Farinah Mangudadatu; Faridah Sabdulah; Manguba Bai Mangudadatu, Toto’s aunt; Farida Mangudadatu, Toto’s youngest sister.

The journalists were identified as Ian Toblan, Leah Dalmacio, Gina dela Cruz, Joy Duhay, Andy Teodoro, Mac-Mac Areola, Bart Maravilla of Bombo Radyo Koronadal, Henry Araneta of dzRH Cotabato, Bong Reblando of Manila Bulletin and Neneng Montano of local radio dxCP.

Also reported killed were Rasul Daud, driver of Mangudadatu, Wahida Ali Kaliman, Farida Sabdula, Zorayda Vernan, Victor Nuñez, Zaida Abdul, Pinky Balayman, Ella Balayman, Rahima Piopo, Abdullah Hajji, Patrick Pamansan, Meriam Calicol, a certain Unto and a certain Chito, and eight others who were not included in the list.

Toto said his wife and her companions left Buluan town at about 9 a.m. on board several vehicles and were flagged down by armed men at Barangay Kauran in Ampatuan, Maguindanao some 30 minutes later.

“Six members of the group that was to bring my certificate of candidacy to Shariff Aguak were beheaded by the gunmen that flagged them down at a portion of a highway near Shariff Aguak. The police and the military have to do something,” Mangudadatu told Catholic station dxND in Kidapawan City.

“I opted not to provide armed security escorts to the group to avoid possible tension during the filing of my COC,” he added.

The Mangudadatu clan is known to have a long-running feud with the family of Maguindanao’s incumbent Gov. Andal Ampatuan Sr., who police said is known to have his own private army.

Brutal death

Reporters have been trying to get information on the incident from the spokesman of the 6th ID, Col. Jonathan Ponce.

He, however, has not responded even if his staffers have confirmed that he is just inside the Army camp.

Sources from the Army’s 601st Brigade said unidentified armed men indeed flagged down several vehicles at a portion of the Cotabato-Isulan Highway in Kauran area, which is at the boundary adjoining Maguindanao and Sultan Kudarat provinces.

The provincial police director of Maguindanao could not be reached for comment.

The tension worsened when text messages started circulating that the gunmen executed and killed four of the reporters who were with the group.

Local officials in towns at the border of Maguindanao and Sultan Kudarat said they still have to confirm from barangay leaders the veracity of the text messages that four journalist that accompanied the wife of Mangudadatu had been decapitated.

A source who requested anonymity said the victims were shot at random, and some were decapitated with chainsaws.

The same source added that the killers used a backhoe to dig mass graves where the victims were buried.

Brig. Gen. Medardo Geslani, chief of the army’s 601st Infantry Brigade, said they are now validating the reports.

Palace up in arms

Malacañang expressed shock and outrage over the executions and vowed that justice would be served.

Presidential Adviser for Political Affairs Gabriel Claudio said the Palace is still trying to determine the facts behind the incident.

“We are in shock and total outrage,” Claudio said. “Justice will be served and the perpetrators will be punished, whoever they are.”

Presidential Adviser for Mindanao Jesus Dureza recommended to President Arroyo to immediately declare a state of emergency in Maguindanao.

“This is a gruesome massacre of civilians unequalled in recent history. Even women and working mediamen were not spared. I grieve for my friends in the media and all those killed while doing their job,” Dureza said in a statement.

“There must be a total stop to this senseless violence and carnage. I strongly recommend that a state of emergency be imposed in the area and everyone disarmed. Anything less will not work,” he said.

Claudio said he had a brief meeting with ARMM Gov. Zaldy Ampatuan at the Palace to discuss Sulu politics.

Ampatuan was accompanied by outgoing Sulu Rep. Munir Arbison and other local officials. They sought a meeting to be assured of fair arbitration from the leaders of the Lakas-Kampi-CMD, as Sulu Gov. Abdusakur Tan is also fielding his own local slate against Arbison’s group.

He said there was no discussion about Maguindanao politics.

NUJP condemns abduction of mediamen

Meanwhile, the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) condemned the abduction and death of their colleagues.

“We demand that government, from Malacañang to the (ARMM) and Maguindanao, and its security forces, move swiftly to resolve this crisis and ensure that no harm befalls the hostages; and, if true that violence has been inflicted on some of the hostages, to ensure swift justice on the perpetrators, no matter who they are,” the NUJP said in a statement.

“Taking hostage someone about to file a certificate of candidacy is, by itself, a brazen challenge to efforts to strengthen our admittedly fragile democracy. And, if true that a local government official and a police officer are involved, then it says a lot about how far government has gone to eradicate the warlord politics that continues to reign over many of our provinces, very often the poorest and most underdeveloped,” the NUJP added.

“But to take hostage journalists who were merely going about their job of informing the public worsens the already heinous crime and elevates it into an assault on the Constitution itself and the freedom of the press and of expression it enshrines, and the people’s right to know which these freedoms serve,” NUJP said.

Pimentel: Send the Marines

At the Senate, minority leader Aquilino Pimentel Jr. recommended sending the Marines to Maguindanao to control the peace and order situation.

Pimentel condemned the killings, which came on the heels of the filing of COCs for local and national posts.

He also said that the military should take control of the area to avoid further bloodbath.

“It’s going to lead to a bloodbath unless the government steps in. Arrest and jail whoever is responsible even if he might be a warlord. Send the Marines if need be,” Pimentel said. –With John Unson, Edith Regalado, John Paul Jubelag, Jaime Laude, Cecille Suerte Felipe, Christina Mendez, Paolo Romero
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